Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Clutch and Flywheel installed

So my clutch was on the way out mainly from all the events I go to. I thought that my warrently just might cover the clutch but o no , no , no ... this is whats called in the industry as "Driver abuse".. so I had to bite down and get a new one.... if I'm getting one, I might as well upgrade right, so I got a

SPEC Stage 2 Clutch:
s197 stage 2 spec clutch

s197 stage 2 spec clutch

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& a SPEC Billet Aluminum Flywheel

s197 stage 2 spec clutch

More Info

This clutch is pretty sick. Taken a while to get use too but its working out great.

Here are some pics of the results:

Clubloose Summer Moves - Englishtown, NJ - B Track - 2010
Anthony Fallon,drifting,Clubloose,2010

Anthony Fallon,drifting,Clubloose,2010
Photos By Tim Miller

Clubloose - Night Moves -
anthony fallon,drifting,clubloose,2010
Photo by TheFro!!!

New Top Plate for BC Racing Coils

Well here is the Top platge that has been added to my front BC Racing Coilovers - BR Type


There currently set to fully negative settings on both sides, it has improved initiations immensely!! not a bother on the car yet. Since it has been set to negative it lowered the car a little. I had to shave a little metal away so i had enough clearance for the coil soft/hard adjuster to pass the top plate ring that is on the ford body.