Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oil Filter & Differential Assembley

Yesterday was an Oil change day. My buddy Matt from Yorktown heights, a fellow drifter & car genius hooked me up . We installed a Ford Racing oil filter and used about 5 liters of Valvoline Max Life synthetic motor oil. The Mustang drinks the stuff and we used nearly 2 containers. The car runs awesome now and acceleration is much smoother.

We also assembled the "Ford Racing T-Lok Differential" with the help of the "Yukon Rear End Master Installation Kit" for 7.5in V6 Rear End.
Installing this is another days work as we found out that you can't just take off the rear housing, the brakes caliper need to be put aside, rotors off etc. for this install not to mention I needed the ring & pinion... thats going to be on order sooner then later :D When I say we in all this I mean Matt ---> .. Cheers dude.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Real install.. Diff & Gears

Ford Racing T-Lok Differential for 2005 Mustang V6

Yukon Ring Gear and Pinion 4.10 for 7.5in - Gears are motive

Yukon Rear End Master Installation Kit for 7.5in V6 Rear End


Yukon 79-08 Cross Pin Notched for 7.5

07 V6 Mustang - Drift Spec

This is the start of my blog for a dream of mine to create a 07 V6 drift spec Mustang

so far the car is bone stock with a Flat K&N air filter and ford racing oil filter.... thats it lol.

Recently I had the obertunity to speak to the man & legend Vaughn Gittin Jr, a professional drifter who competes in FormulaD. He advised that I put in a Ford Racing Diff & change out the Ring Gear and Pinion 4.10, after that some adjustable suspension and a racing seat. The plan for this build is to have a fun car to put sideways at local drift events. www.clubloose.com

Heres a video that Mike Spock took with a low budget HD camera :D

The Video was taken at East Coast bash in Englishtown, New Jersey... A Excellent Venue.

I found it tricky, this was my first time to drift on a track, it felt good to just let it rip at full speed into the first corner. I was told by one of the instructors that I badly need a diff. On the last corner I pulled of what looked to be a drift and then spun out :) Rock & Roolllll!!!!