Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oil Filter & Differential Assembley

Yesterday was an Oil change day. My buddy Matt from Yorktown heights, a fellow drifter & car genius hooked me up . We installed a Ford Racing oil filter and used about 5 liters of Valvoline Max Life synthetic motor oil. The Mustang drinks the stuff and we used nearly 2 containers. The car runs awesome now and acceleration is much smoother.

We also assembled the "Ford Racing T-Lok Differential" with the help of the "Yukon Rear End Master Installation Kit" for 7.5in V6 Rear End.
Installing this is another days work as we found out that you can't just take off the rear housing, the brakes caliper need to be put aside, rotors off etc. for this install not to mention I needed the ring & pinion... thats going to be on order sooner then later :D When I say we in all this I mean Matt ---> .. Cheers dude.

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