Sunday, February 13, 2011

From my Friend Peter

Found two dyno graphs for the 05 V6, both show peak power round the 170bhp mark (one was taken when car was fairly new too). So I think Ford, in saying 210, have either lied, or quoted the hp at the flywheel. Anyway, I overlayed your dyno results (green) on top of the dyno results I found for a stock one (red), and also one with $400 worth of mods from “Alternative Auto” (blue). Turns out your bhp is actually impressive as hell compared to stock and your probably getting 30-40 bhp more than your car originally had. You’ve increased torque throughout the whole rev range too, so if you chipped it differently for peak power only you could probably squeeze another 10bhp out (but I wouldn’t). V smooth power delivery as it is (just as I remember!)


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

RT Tuning, PA - Alignment & Dyno

Went to RT Tuning on Monday

Went there mainly for the alignment as with the new mods on the car made it difficult to control on the road at times.

Here are the Results & WHAT A DIFFERENCE!:

Check out this pony's Dyno run! :

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kova Built Drift Installs

Danny Working on HID's for Fog Light:

Steeda battery box Prep:



Steve marking for strut surgery:

Old Knuckle:

New Knuckle:


More install Shots:

Removing 7 threads from inner tie rods:

La Angle:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Parts installed

Some parts have arrived over the past week heres whats been going on.

Steeda Bumpsteer Kit

Steeda X5 Balljoints

BMR Racing Lower Control arm re-location brackets

Steeda Adjustable control Arm 3rd link for the rear

Steeda Battery Relocation Kit

Mustang GT Front Rotor Upgrade

O..... and i always wanted one of these:

After that going to RT Tuning for a alignment.

The Installing of Parts brought to you in part by:

Here are the guys behind AMP

Steve Kova (L) & Danny Hong (R)

Here are the new lower control arm relocation brackets -
These help for a better sideways bite:

Old 3rd Link Control Arm:

New 3rd Link Control Arm:

New Steeda X5 Ball Joints:

Old V6 Front Brake Rotors:

New GT Front Brake Rotors:

New Rotors & 35mm Spacers - That brings me to a zero offset in front:

Steve is running away from the stance:

Some Nice Angle:

Danny working on the HID for the headlights - Bling Bling Yall:

Some Final adjustments:

More to follow next week........... Laughing