Sunday, February 13, 2011

From my Friend Peter

Found two dyno graphs for the 05 V6, both show peak power round the 170bhp mark (one was taken when car was fairly new too). So I think Ford, in saying 210, have either lied, or quoted the hp at the flywheel. Anyway, I overlayed your dyno results (green) on top of the dyno results I found for a stock one (red), and also one with $400 worth of mods from “Alternative Auto” (blue). Turns out your bhp is actually impressive as hell compared to stock and your probably getting 30-40 bhp more than your car originally had. You’ve increased torque throughout the whole rev range too, so if you chipped it differently for peak power only you could probably squeeze another 10bhp out (but I wouldn’t). V smooth power delivery as it is (just as I remember!)


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